Ancient bell, drum towers renovated in Xi’an –

The newly renovated Bell Tower, in the center of Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi province, opened to the public on Wednesday after more than 70 days of work.

Because of long-term exposure to wind, rain and sun, the tower roof had deteriorated. It leaked during rainstorms and some of its ornamental work was peeling away.

The restoration was the sixth made to the tower since 1949. The last overhaul was in 2011.

The most difficult part of the renovation was the gilded roof, said Wang Lei, director of the Museum of Xi’an Bell and Drum Towers, which has been responsible for the repair work since June 12.

At a height of 4.53 meters, the roof made access difficult for restoration workers. The tower roof has four layers, with the innermost a wooden core wrapped in a copper skin. The copper was coated with putty and covered with gold foil.

Check out the video to see how the workers attached the pieces of gold foil together to renovate the roof.

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