Young man cultural activities enter Fijian village –

Some Fijians also practised calligraphy enthusiastically.[Photo/Xinhua]

“Chinese culture is marvelous, we like it and we want to have more chances to enjoy it in the future,” some Fijian women told Xinhua after having had a special and unforgettable experience of the Chinese culture in a remote Fijian village.

With the support by Fiji’s Department of Heritage and Arts and the Nausori Multi-Cultural Center, the staff of China Cultural Center in Fiji went on Thursday to Koroqaqa, a riverside village about 30 km north of Suva, capital of Fiji, entertaining local Fijians with a Bamboo Culture photo exhibition and teaching them how to play Chinese Tai Chi.

It is the first time for the staff of China Cultural Center in Fiji to bring their cultural activities to rural Fijians and also the first time for them to jointly celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with rural Fijians.

Besides showing a promotional video “Beautiful China”, which showcases China’s beautiful and unique landscapes as well as the great achievement that China has made over the past decades, the staff of China Cultural Center in Fiji also briefed the Fijians from different parts of the Nausori district on the cultural exchanges they have had with Fijians in recent years.

Some Fijian women also took notes while listening carefully to the introduction about China. A Fijian woman could not help but telling Xinhua that the Chinese culture is very good, and she hopes to have more chances to experience it.

For the Fijians and their Chinese guests, they were also touched by the beautiful traditional dance by a 13-year-old Fijian girl and a moving Chinese song related to the Mid-Autumn Festival by a Fijian college student. She surprised everyone when she sang the song in Chinese, and loud applause came just after she finished her song.

Some Fijians also practised calligraphy enthusiastically.

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